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Somaliland national parties: There is no election that can precede the presidential election

Hargeisa September 08, 2022 (SD) – The alliance of the two national opposition parties in Somaliland has today announced that they will not accept an election other than the presidential one, and they will resume their prodemocracy protests.

The presidential candidate of the Waddani Party, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro, and the Chairman of the UCID Party, Faisal Ali Warabe, speaking to the media in Hargeisa today condemned president Bihi flagrant disregard for the country’s electoral laws, as he told the new commissioners to skip the presidential elections.

“There is no election that can precede the presidential election, which now has its laws and budgets ready, there is no electoral law ready to hold the direct elections of the new organizations” candidate Irro said.

The Waddani candidate added that no one can hold an election that the three national parties do not agree upon.

Mr. Irro said that the recent Supreme Court opinion that “the new political organization elections could be conducted on its own” is not an electoral law, adding only the legislative councils have the power to make laws.

The presidential candidate of the Waddani National Party, accused the government of deliberately delaying the presidential election, the president breaking his oath, and called on the parliament to impeach him.

The presidential candidate accused the government of suppressing and illegally arresting journalists and the traditional leaders of the country.

The Waddani presidential candidate’s comments, come just a day after President Muse Bihi told the electoral commission to hold the association elections prior to the presidential one, a clear disregard for the country’s electoral law.

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