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Somalia: Major operations underway in Mudug eliminates militants

HARARDERE (SD) -Reports from the district of Hararhere in Mudug region indicate that a major military operation is underway in the village of Baraag Cali-gaduud.

Located 40 kilometers from Xarardheere, Cali-gaduud is currently witnessing a joint military operation conducted by the national army and local militias known as Macawiisleyda.

This operation has resulted in the elimination of many Al-Shabaab militants, with confirmed casualties numbering up to ten members of the terrorist group.

The dead militants were reported to have been part of the fighters who infiltrated the area, and they were engaged by government forces during the operation.

Additionally, the government forces have seized weapons belonging to Al-Shabaab, and the operation is ongoing with the objective of flushing out any remaining militants and securing the area.

This significant military operation comes at a time when there has been a surge in attacks by Al-Shabaab militants in various parts of the region, prompting intensified security measures and military responses.

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