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Somalia: National Disaster Management Agency declared a state of emergency

MOGADISHU (SD) -The National Disaster Management Agency held its first meeting with the National Flood Emergency Committee, the meeting was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Ministers, the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Agency, and various other sections of the community.

The committee declared a state of emergency, emphasizing the need for immediate assistance to the Somali people affected by the devastating floods, caused by heavy rains resulting in significant damage. They also reported on the relief efforts being made in the Jubba and Shabelle river regions.

The committee shared with the media the numbers and figures related to the assistance being provided to the affected population due to the floods and disasters.

The Somali public was urged to contribute and participate in the relief efforts, as the situation is critical and requires collective support. The committee expressed gratitude to those who have already contributed and emphasized the importance of the Somali people uniting in the face of this difficult situation.

The Director of the National Disaster Management Agency of Somalia expressed concern about the situation in the Gedo region, particularly in the town of Baardheere, where heavy flooding has severely affected the community.

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