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Somalia: NISA follows through with its Prosecution of VOA Reporter

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali National Security and Intelligence Agency (NISA) announced last night that it has forwarded its investigation findings of VOA journalist Harun Maruf to the Attorney General’s office.

NISA announced the news on Twitter saying “NISA has forwarded Harun Maruf’s case to the Office of the Attorney General for the prosecution of the criminal case, and to undertake appropriate legal actions. “

The news follows a previous NISA accusation on the VOA journalist having unspecified ties to elements that pose threats to the Somali Federal Government, Harun Maruf didn’t respond to the allegations.

However, the US Embassy in Somalia condemned NISA’s accusations against journalist Harun Maruf saying “Harun Maruf is a respected and professional journalist working for VOA, and is one of the most influential journalists in Somalia. The NISA attacks threaten freedom of expression and the freedom of the media that forms the basis of democracy and government accountability in Somalia. ”

The VOA reporter is known for his frequent reporting on security issues, particularly with al-Shabaab and its attacks, which he wrote a book on.

He also hosts a program on VOA called the “Investigative file”, which has repeatedly disclosed information deemed confidential to the public, some on corruption within government institutions and security shortcomings.

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