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Somalia offers the presidency and the Capital city to Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdikadir Jirde, the current chairman of the Wadani party, exposed a proposed plan by the federal government of Somalia at the recent Djibouti conference with Somaliland, the plan was proposed by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre.

“On the most recent Djibouti summit, Prime Minister Khaire came to the conference offering Somaliland the president and the capital of Somalia, the offer was made without any discussion and they believe we are people who can be called on just like in the past,” Abdulkadir Jirde told local media.

Chairman Abdikadir Jirde also said that reunification between Somalia and Somaliland will not solve issues both countries have to address individually.

“Somalia problems will not be solved by unity but it will create other problems. Somaliland failed to hold elections, our divisions, our administration being stagnant, other divisive issues, those issues could not be resolved by unification, ”said Abdulkadir Jirde.

Finally, Abdikadir Jirde said that uniting with Somalia is not mutually beneficial, as he put it, but a brotherhood cooperation is important.

Since announcing its independence from Somalia in 1991, Somaliland has been struggling to gain recognition from the international community.

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