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Somalia: Parliamentarians given the amended Federal constitution draft

MOGADISHU (SD) -The members of both houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia officially received the final draft of the amended federal constitution.

Chairman of the Review and Implementation Committee of the federal constitution, MP Hussein Iidow, read out the official document to the members. MP Iidow stated that 316 MPs contributed amendments to the fourth chapter, comprising 61 articles, incorporating many considerations into the new draft.

Changes have been made to the fourth chapter, including the removal of the proposed vice-president, with the President to be elected by the Somali people, and he will appoint a prime minister from his party, whom the president can remove from office.

The term of office for Members of Parliament has been set at five years. Additionally, the President and Members of Parliament of regional states will be elected by the people, with the head of state in regional governments being referred to as “Leader.”

In terms of party representation, only two parties were initially presented, but now three parties have been recognized, emerging from the local council elections.

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