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Somalia’s forces kill numerous al Shabab militants

MOGADISHU (SD) -The Somali government has reported that more than 40 members of Al-Shabaab were killed in an operation carried out by the national army in collaboration with local forces in Hardhere district in Mudug region. Al-Shabaab militants in that region were planning to attack the town of Hardhere.

Additionally, over 35 Al-Shabaab militants were killed in an operation conducted by the national army and international allies in the Fiiqaay area, approximately 15 kilometers from Daaru-Nicma village in the Middle Shabelle region.

During the operation, combat vehicles and military equipment belonging to Al-Shabaab were destroyed.

The operation also targeted the Al-Shabaab fighters who had attacked the Daaru-Nicma area.

Furthermore, six Al-Shabaab members were killed, while three others were injured in a raid targeting Al-Shabaab hideouts in areas near Waajid district in Bakool region.

The Federal Government of Somalia, in cooperation with the Somalia’s partners, is committed to eliminating Al-Shabaab, stated the government in a press release.

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