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Somalia: Police officer handed a death sentence for murdering a civilian

Mogadishu November 23, 2022 (SD) – Somalia’s armed forces court today sentenced Mohamed Abdikadir Sheikh Ibrahim, a member of the South West Police Force, in Afgoye District, to death for killing a civilian.

The convicted police officer stabbed to death the late Abdifatah Abdullahi Ali on the 25th of April this year in Bondhere district of Banadir region.

After several sessions of the military court, on the 21st of this month, Mohamed Abdikadir Sheikh Ibrahim was convicted of the murder of the late Abdifatah Abdullahi, according to Major Mohamed Abdi Muumin of the Judiciary of the Armed Forces.

The convicted murderer has the opportunity to appeal.

Somalia’s security forces are accused to commit widespread crimes including murder against the public.

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