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Somalia Police to the public: Do not seek Justice at Al Shabaab Courts

MOGADISHU Tuesday, September, 6, 2022 (SD) – Somali Federal Police Commissioner, General, Abdi Hassan Hijar warned the public in seeking justice at Al-Shabaab-run Islamic Courts.

The Police Commissioner informed the public that Somalia’s National Army destroyed the Islamic Court of Al-Shabaab based in Basra District in Middle-Shabelle, where the group used to adjudicate their brand of Islamic law, with hefty fines charges.

General Abdi Hassan Hijar made an announcement to the public saying whoever and anybody that receives a call from the Districts that Al-Shabaab controls to immediately inform the security branches. The Police Commissioner additionally said that any person that goes to Al-Shabaab run Islamic Courts, will be equally considered as a Al-Shabaab member.

 “ we are aware that so many persons rent cars to Al-Shabaab, and aren’t different from this extremist armed group. We are making this public call and declaring that we must fight Al-Shabaab wherever they are.” The police Commissioner said.

Additionally, in the joint SNA & NISA operation in Basra yesterday, one soldier died and another one was lightly wounded. Basra district is now under the full control of the government. said The Police Commissioner.

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