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Somaliland military responds to a recent Post on their Facebook

HARGEISA (SD) -The Somaliland military has dismissed recent reports posted on their Facebook page, which allegedly criticized Somaliland opposition parties and Western countries.

The spokesperson for the Somaliland Military, Abdurrahman Abdullahi ‘Cabdidheere, in a statement to the media, said that the published content was not official and the military leaders were not aware of it.

“We are providing a clear response to the letter discussing various sensitive issues, including criticisms against many governments, and some Somaliland national parties, but this letter was not issued from the office of the Commander of the National Military Forces,” said Cabdidheere.

He explained that the letter originated from an individual within the military, and after learning about it, measures were taken against those involved in discussing Somaliland’s foreign relations.

He emphasized that the military remains neutral towards various political parties and can not discuss foreign policy matters.

“We apologize to whomever this letter has reached, we apologize fully. It is not an official letter from the governor’s office in any way,” said Abdidhere.

The recent post on the social media platform of the Somaliland Military suggested that if Somaliland’s opposition wins the elections, they will cut ties with the Western countries and contact China and Russia.

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