Feds update on military operations in the Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD)-The spokesperson of the Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Defense, Abukar Mohamed Hassan, provided detailed information on the recent major military operations in the country.

The Ministry’s spokesperson stated that government forces conducted operations against Al-Shabaab militants in various regions of the Shabelle, Hiiraan, Galgaduud, Bay, and Bakool regions over the past week.

He also noted that government troops inflicted significant losses on the Al-Shabaab group during these operations, resulting in the disruption of their plans and the destruction of their bases.

“The national army raided Al-Shabaab bases, including sites used to recruit child soldiers and extort money from residents,” said Ministry of Information spokesperson Abukar Mohamed Hassan.

Finally, the Ministry’s spokesperson did not provide the exact number of Al-Shabaab militants killed in the recent operations but emphasized that significant damage was inflicted upon the group.

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