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Somalia: Rival Al Shabaab Militants clash in Jilib

Mogadishu October 08, 2023 (SD) – The Ministry of Defense of Somalia said that forces supporting the top leaders of al-Shabaab, such as Mahad Karate and Ahmed Diriye, clashed in Jilib & Hargeisa-Yarey districts in the Middle Jubba region.

The ministry’s statement, posted on its Twitter page, indicates that significant damage was inflicted on the opposing militants during the fighting.

The Ministry of Defense stated that the conflict resulted from a disagreement within the group with Mahad Karate being a central figure in the dispute.

However, Al-Shabaab leaders have been reported to have differences, especially concerning the group’s finances, as reported by the Daily Nation in Nairobi, which cites intelligence reports.

Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Diriye Abu Ubeyda had reportedly removed Mahad Karate as the head of the group’s financial and economic affairs, along with the leaders of the external operations, including Bashir Qoorgaab, after they disagreed on the financial and military management of the organization.

Bashir Qoorgaab, who was previously described by the U.S. government as a key figure in the attack on the Manda Bay military base in Kenya, was killed this year in an airstrike by U.S. forces.

Reports from the Daily Nation suggest that new intelligence reports indicate that Qoorgaab’s death may have been related to internal disputes and power struggles within the group.

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