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Somalia: Security agency foils planned attacks in Bossaso

BOSSASO (SD) – The Puntland Intelligence and Security Agency (PISA) has reportedly foiled planned attacks aimed to cause harm to the civilian population in the city of Bossaso and their property.

According to a statement from PISA, the organization successfully intercepted the attacks minutes before the group responsible could execute their plans of targeting crowded places in the city.

Photographs released show several explosive devices that were allegedly intended for use in the attacks. PISA did not disclose the specific locations targeted, but the Puntland Police Force indicated that the attacks were aimed at business premises owned by Bulsho Construction and its employees.

Security forces managed to dismantle the explosive devices, and investigations are ongoing to identify those behind the plot. The recent incidents follow a series of attacks on commercial establishments in Bosaso in recent months, with several companies targeted in the past year.

Earlier, an explosion targeted at the premises of the Golis telecommunications company in Bossaso. Security agencies have stated that such attacks are intended to extort money from businesses.

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