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Somalia: Shabab releases General Gordon Camp shooter footage

MOGADISHU (SD) -Yesterday, the Al-Shabaab group released footage showing a man they claimed was responsible for a deadly attack on the military training camp of General Gordon in Hodan district, Mogadishu.

The footage, released by Al-Shabaab yesterday, shows the man while he was in the area controlled by the group, indicating that he will strongly fight against the Somali government and its international allies.

The man, identified by the group as Mustafa, was among soldiers recently recruited and trained at the General Gordon camp in Mogadishu. He was one of a dozen soldiers picked from their unit and tasked with guarding the camp.

The highest-ranking officials of the UAE mission in southern Somalia were less than 48 hours in the country and visited the camp. They were escorted to the mosque as evening prayers were about to begin, and they were reportedly killed while they were praying.

The man is said to be from Bakol region, specifically from Hudur district. The government is still investigating this serious case that has become a tragedy in Somalia and the United Arab Emirates.

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