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Somalia: SNA kills militants in Tiyeglow

TIYEGLOW (SD) -The Somali Federal Government forces conducted a planned operation in which they claimed to have killed militants belonging to the Al-Shabaab group, approximately 15 kilometers away from the town of Tiyeglow in the Bakol region.

The operation is reported to have targeted a gathering of Al-Shabaab members, including foreign fighters and militants.

The commander of the 51st Brigade, part of the Somali National Army’s 9th Division, Colonel Deeroow Moalim Abdi, spoke to the national media and stated that the operation resulted in the death of four militants and the injury of nine others.

“We conducted the operation in an area where Al-Shabaab members were meeting, and we killed four militants while injuring nine others. We did not suffer any casualties ourselves, and this operation is part of our ongoing efforts to combat this type of terrorism,” said Colonel Deeroow Macalin Abdi.

The Colonel did not provide the names of the targeted militants in the planned operation, and this operation is part of the broader efforts to combat Al-Shabaab’s activities.

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