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Somalia: SNA kills over 100 militants in Mudug and Jubaland

GALKAYO (SD) -The Federal Government of Somalia has provided information about a major operation conducted today by the country’s armed forces and their international allies in the strategic rural town of Jeex Jeexa, between the cities of Caad and Cadaleey in Mudug region.

The area in southern Mudug region is reported to have been controlled by individuals affiliated with Al-Shabaab.
The Chief of the Somali National Army, Brigadier General Ibrahim Sheikh Mohiuddin Adow, confirmed to the media that 55 militants, a combination of officers and militants associated with the group, were killed in the operation.

Southern Mudug has been the focus of intensified military operations against the Al-Shabaab militant group over the past two weeks. The armed forces targeted significant areas in their campaign against the extremist group, making substantial progress.

Additionally, there are reports of a fierce battle with heavy casualties in the Aboodin area in Lower Juba region.
The recent conflict involved clashes between government forces, supported by Jubbaland regional forces with international backing, and Al-Shabaab militants.

Jubaland State Media have confirmed that over 70 Al-Shabaab members were killed in the recent fighting.
The conflict escalated after the 16th Commando Brigade and Jubaland forces launched an attack on the Aboodin area, where it is reported that they encountered Al-Shabaab militants in significant numbers. The battle lasted for several hours.

The reports also indicate that fighter jets were involved in supporting the ground forces.
It’s noteworthy that, in the past 17 days, operations led to the death of a prominent Al-Shabaab leader identified as Sheikh Ayman in Jilib.

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