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Somalia: South-west regional Forces target Al Shabab unit in Bardale

BARDALE (SD) -The Darwish Brigade of the Southwest State of Somalia conducted an operation today in villages near Bardale district of Bay region, resulting in the killing of a suspected member of the Al-Shabaab group who was extorting money from residents.

Yusuf Mohamed Macalin, the commander of Darawish Brigade in Bardaale district, confirmed the operation, emphasizing the significant harm inflicted on innocent civilians by the group.

Furthermore, the operation successfully disrupted a hub used by the Al-Shabaab militants, significantly impacting their operations in the area.

The National Army forces have intensified operations against Al-Shabaab militants operating in Southwest State administration areas, as reports suggest that the Federal Government plans to relaunch the second phase of the fight against Al Shabab.

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