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Somalia: SSC-Khatumo and Puntland excluded from regional Tournament

MOGADISHU (SD) -The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia and the Somali Football Federation have jointly announced the official schedule for the 2023 Regional Football Tournament in Banadir.

The announcement also included the number of officially participating teams in the tournament. The event was inaugurated by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Member of Parliament Mohamed Barre Mohamed, the Chairman of the Football Association Ali Abdi Mohamed “Cali Shiino,” and the Sports Directors of the Federal Member States.

The Federal Member States’ Football Tournament will officially commence on the 29th of this month and will continue for a week in Mogadishu.

Teams from Banadir, Hirshabelle, South West, Galmudug, and Jubaland will participate in the tournament, while the participation of the newly established Khatumo and Puntland State Regional Administrations has been excluded.

Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of participating teams from 22 to 25 for the current year. It is worth noting that the Somali government has not yet officially provided information on the exclusion of the newly formed Khatumo and Puntland State Regional Administrations from the tournament.

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