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Somalia: Suspicions over Director’s Arrest

Mogadishu (SD) – The director general of the ministry of health Abdullahi Hashi Ali has been arrested due to agencies like Manhal and Yerdemeli setting him up, according to sources close to the investigation.

Prior to his Arrest, the Director of the ministry of Health attempted to audit these agencies, then moved to arrest him in a pre-emptive move.

Manhal and Yerdemeli have allegedly misappropriated funds meant for Covid-19 mitigation efforts, according to the sources.

The Somali Minister of Health Fosiya Abikar, who spoke to the media yesterday, said that the ministry was unaware of the reason the director was arrested, and demanded that the security agencies clarify the reason for the arrest.

Manhal and Yerdemeli agencies in collaboration with the office of the prime minister and members of parliament who apparently joined their forces had the director arrested.

The Somali Government has yet to charge the Director officially with a crime, which should concern all who are fighting corruption  and injustice in the country.

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