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Somalia’s Council of Ministers approve draft laws on Government Finance and Labor Act

Mogadisho May 11, 2023 (SD) – The Council of Ministers has approved the Draft Law on the Management of Public Finance, consisting of eight articles, which includes the management of the country’s general finances, the management of state revenues, expenditures and national assets, and the management of public servants.

Prime Minister Xamse Abdikadir Barre, who chaired the Council of Ministers meeting, stated that the law is crucial in ensuring the overall welfare of the population, preventing corruption, and ensuring that public funds are used effectively.

The meeting also discussed the Labor and Employment Law of the government and the Political Agenda of the country’s Labor and Employment sector.

The law guarantees the rights of government employees in the labor sector and the obligations of the state towards them, as well as the responsibility of the government in ensuring national obligations. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has submitted the law.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers has approved the Memorandum of Understanding on Health Cooperation and Job Creation between Somalia, Qatar, and the Youth and Sports Ministry.

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