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Somalia’s Electoral and Dispute Resolution Commission elects chairpersons

Mogadishu (SD) – At a meeting in Mogadishu today, the Somali Federal Electoral and Dispute Resolution Committee elected its chairpersons and their deputies.

The Electoral Commission in its meeting today elected Mohamed Hassan as their chairman with 17 votes while his rival Liban Abukar received only 3 votes.

The 20 members of the Electoral Commission recently appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, all voted in this election.

The Electoral Commissions also elected Mowlid Matan as the Chairperson of the Somali Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee, competing with candidate Yusuf Mohamed Kheyre.

Somali Presidential candidates have apposed the process in which the government have appointed the committees, accusing the government appointing staff and servicemen to the committee.

The election of the leadership of the Electoral and Dispute Resolution Commission comes at a time when the previously agreed election timetable is facing significant delays.

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