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Somaliland: Attorney General demands the dismissal of the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Hargeisa June 06, 2023 (SD) – Somaliland’s Attorney General today issued a formal complaint To the Supreme Court against the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Abdirisak Khalif Ahmed.

The complaint, submitted by the Attorney General, Abdurrahman Jama Hayaan, alleges misconduct on the part of Khalif as a member of the parliament and accuses him of opposing Somaliland’s statehood. It further states that the speaker has missed 20 consecutive parliamentary sessions.

The Somaliland Supreme Court has given Khalif a seven days to respond to the charges, stating, “The Constitutional Court has officially notified the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the serious violations of the Constitution that he has committed, as presented by the Attorney General, which require a response within seven days.” Said the court’s official statement.

Khalif’s has been absent since he was sent to Las Anod by the outgoing President Bihi, in order to participate in local conflict resolution, the speaker later showing support for the decision made by the SSC traditional leaders leaders who opposed Somaliland’s presence in the region.

Furthermore, Khalif has also accused the president and the Somaliland military of inciting unrest and provoking violence in Laascaanood, claiming that Bihi had issued orders to shell the city and the deadly military intervention.

Somaliland’s main opposition party, Waddani, has expressed its concern over this matter, highlighting that the move demonstrates the clear intervention by the presidency in the affairs of the parliament. Some members of the House of Representatives have also made similar statements regarding the actions against Speaker Khalif.

Speaker Khalif did not resign as a member and chairman of the House of Representatives, as he spent most of his time in Laascaanood.

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