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Somalia’s President not willing to compromise on Constitutional amendments

GAROWE (SD) – President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, in his speech during the inauguration ceremony of the Puntland State Government Presidential Palace, addressed the importance of completing the constitution and emphasized the crucial role it plays for his government. He also stated that they will not allow any obstruction to its implementation.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud spoke about the constitution, saying, “Somalia needs to know that there is no time left for the completion of the constitution. This constitution, which belongs to the Somali people, and will not be taken abroad.”

Furthermore, President Hassan Sheikh mentioned that the country would defended on one hand, and the Constitution completed with the other, after more than 10 years, with previous governments failing in its completion.

The President’s remarks came at a time when both houses of parliament yesterday approved amendments to the country’s constitution, which was met with lots of opposition.

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