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Somalia’s President supports the establishment of a Palestinian state

RIYAD (SD) -The President of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who while in Saudi Arabia recently, spoke to the Arab News TV about the conflict between Israel and Hamas, stated that a political solution could bring an end to the conflict between the two sides.

The President emphasized that people should not ignore the reasons behind the ongoing crisis currently affecting ordinary people every day.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud raised questions about the lack of global involvement in the conflict and stressed the need to find a solution to prevent the suffering of the Palestinian people. He highlighted that discussions around the world have unfortunately become polarized, and political solutions are necessary to avoid the recurrence of the conflict in Gaza.

The President urged for a comprehensive political solution to address the root causes of the conflict between Israel and Hamas and promote peace in the region.

Regarding the current situation in Gaza, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stated that What is happening in Gaza currently is against humanity and all international rules and traditions.

Adding An independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is the only solution to prevent further insecurity, political and social crises in the region.

For more than a month, the Gaza Strip has been bombarded by Israel in retaliation for the unprecedented October 7 attack by Hamas in southern Israel, which killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians. 240 others were taken hostage.

The Israeli airstrikes, and subsequent ground operations, have since killed more than 11,000 mostly women and children, according to the Hamas-run health ministry, and displaced more than half of Gaza’s population.

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