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Somalia’s Spy agency says arrested Hormuud staff aided AS

MOGADISHU (SD) -The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) has released a statement providing details on the reasons behind their actions against certain officials of the Hormuud Telecommunication company at its headquarters in Mogadishu.

According to the statement from NISA, the agency received a request from the company on December 26, 2023, seeking assistance in addressing issues related to security threats. After conducting an investigation, NISA discovered that some of Hormuud’s employees were collaborating and maintaining connections with terrorist groups.

NISA also stated that they requested Hormuud to stop engaging in the illegal transfer of funds and the use of the EVC service, as outlined in Article 8 of NISA’s 3rd Amendment of the Law. However, Hormuud declined to comply with these requests.

The statement from NISA emphasized that Hormuud Telecommunication rejected their obligation to fulfill national duties, refused to cooperate and respond to the inquiries sent to them, and was accused of deceiving the public. NISA further mentioned that, in carrying out their duties, some of Hormuud’s staff had engaged in activities that violated the law, prompting NISA to take action against them.

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