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Somaliland: Aare Saleban Awleed charged for criticizing President Guelleh

GEBILEY (SD) – A Djiboutian national arrested in weeks in Somaliland without a charge have been finally arraigned in a Gabiley court today.

Aare Saleban Awleed is accused of insulting the president of Djibouti while in Somaliland, a right constitutionally guaranteed in Somaliland.

The indictment alleges that Arre, called the president of Djibouti a “killer” and that he worked with the devils.

Prosecutors have also charged Aare with insulting President Guelleh’s family.

The Human Rights center in Somaliland recently documented his illegal arrest in their 2022 quarterly report.

“Arreh Suleyman Awled Arreh is a media presence who lives in the city of Gebilay. He was arrested on May 21, 2022, for criticizing the Djiboutian president. He has been remanded several times without the court or Criminal Investigation Department finding a just charge, therefore delaying his release without being formally charged. His release has been delayed on the premise of police and CID looking for an article to charge him, which is unconstitutional.” HRC reported.

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