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Somaliland accuses presidential Candidate of sponsoring terrorism

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland government last night accused Waddani party’s presidential candidate of terrorism in an obvious attempt to derail the opposition’s push for a country wide prodemocracy protest.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland, Mohamed Kaahin, has last night accused the presidential candidate of bringing terrorist forces from Mogadisho to Somaliland.

The minister, speaking to the media in hastily arranged presser, said that the forces from Mogadishu wanted to commit terrorist acts in Somaliland but are currently in police custody.

Mr. Kaahin linked the Waddani presidential candidate to the so called army “I am confirming here that Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro is linked to the forces and he sent funds to them”.

The Minister’s comment’s followed barely an hour after the opposition parties insisted on holding their mass prodemocracy protests today in Somaliland.

Waddani presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro responded to Minister Mohamed Kahin’s accusations and said that the minister’s accusations were politically motivated allegations.

“What Mohamed Kahin said tonight are part of the lies that he has become accustomed to, it is nothing new, it is a lie that has no basis or trace, it is a card that he played many times but failed.” Irro said. Adding that the “Protest will continue”.

Irro, on his part, accused the government of forming a clan militias intended to disrupt, harm both protesters and the security forces.

Today, Somaliland is witnessing the biggest demonstration ever to hold the presidential elections on time.

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