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Somaliland to face off with the opposition in tomorrow’s prodemocracy rally

HARGEISA (SD) – The leaders of the two opposition parties Waddani and UCID held a joint meeting in Hargeisa, confirming tomorrow’s prodemocracy rallies in the country.

The opposition decided to go ahead with their announced renewed protests despite the government’s last ditch efforts to obstruct them.

The opposition and the government of Somaliland held a meeting yesterday and tried to hash out an agreement on the dispute over the holding of the protest, finally agreeing to hold a peaceful protest on Thursday.

Both Waddani and UCID leaders have instructed their supporters to come out in peaceful, orderly demonstrations and help the police in securing security of everyone involved.

In response to the opposition’s intentions for tomorrow’s protested, the Interior minister Mohamed Kahin reversed his position on the rallies, threating the leaders with arrests.

furthermore, Muse Bihi’s government, through some Police and Military officials are reportedly planning to ambush and disrupt the prodemocracy protests in Somaliland, in an effort to mire the lawful rallies.

Source close to the presidency, told us that pro Bihi elements in the security forces are planning to target opposition leaders in tomorrow’s protest.

The opposition are expected to turnout their largest supporters to their centers in the country, in an attempt to force the government to hold the countries presidential election in November.

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