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Somaliland: Allow our citizens to leave Ukraine

HARGESIA- The Somaliland government issued a press statement urging Russia and Ukraine to initiate peaceful talks and cease the war and allow Somalilanders to leave the war ravaged cities.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland, Dr. Isse Keyd Mohamud, said that Somaliland prays for the people of Ukraine and hopes for a peaceful solution to the conflict in that country.

There are students from Somaliland reported to be refused to leave Ukraine and are stranded on the Ukraine and Poland border.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Essa Kayd, issued a press statement on twitter for the students who are trying to flee the war.

“As the situation in Ukraine gets increasingly hostile the Republic of Somaliland calls for peace. We will continue to keep the people of Ukraine in our prayers & hope for a peaceful resolution. Please share this Important notice with Somaliland students stranded in Ukraine.” Minister Kayd said.

The minister provided contact information for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Somaliland Mission in Finland.

There is not an exact number of Somaliland citizens stranded in Ukraine, but most of them are reported to be students or refugees.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, dispatched his army to Ukraine on the 24th of February, and since then the war has extended to major cities like Kiev and Kharkiv. There have been reports that delegates from both countries met in Belarus for talks, to no avail.

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