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Somaliland announces opening date for diplomatic office in Taiwan

Hargeisa (SD) – The government of the Republic of Somaliland has announced the time it will open its long awaited diplomatic office in Taiwan.

Somaliland’s envoy to Taiwan, Mohamed Omar Haji Mohamud, confirmed to Taiwanese media that the Somaliland’s representative office in that country will officially open on September 9th, adding that the process of opening that office is underway.

Ambassador Mohamed Omar Haji Mohamud added that a five-member staff, two of whom will be recruited from Taiwan, will work at the Somaliland Embassy in Taiwan.

The ambassador noted that the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan reflects an agreement signed earlier this year between the two countries’ foreign ministers, which provided for the exchange of offices between the two representatives.

Somaliland’s envoy to Taiwan arrived in Taipei on July 7.2020.

Taiwan opened its Somaliland office on the 17th of this month, with the participation of officials and diplomats from both Somaliland and Taiwan, who are working together on projects such as agriculture, fisheries, mining, energy and communications.

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