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Somaliland: Woman arrested after exposing Waheen Aid corruption scam

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland police have arrested one of the victims of the fire that destroyed the country’s biggest Market, Waaheen.

Somaliland police have arrested Hibo Faysal, a member of one of the families whose entire property caught fire in Waheen Market.

Hibo is accused of making statements to the media about donated umbrellas were being sold by some Police officers to those in need of help.

The arrested Waaheen Victim also told the media that the Waheen market crisis will not be the end and that the election should take place on time.

The government of President Muse Bihi, who has already stated its position on postponing the presidential elections, was reportedly annoyed with Hibo Faisal’s remarks leading to her arrest.

WorldRemit CEO Dr. Ismail Ahmed, one of the donors, confirmed the embezzlement of the funds and condemned the move to levy taxes on the victims.

“I commend Mayor Abdikarim for his swift action against tax collectors who chased and took bribes from poor women at the Sahamiye Foundation. They took $ 30- $ 40 from those we gave $500, while they took $10- $20 to the banana sellers who got $200 “. Said Ahmed in a released statement.

Somaliland intellectuals at home and abroad, leaders of opposition parties have described the government’s move to arrest Hibo Faisal as a violation of freedom of expression.

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