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Somaliland asks the traditional leaders to mediate the Las Anod conflict

Hargeisa Feb 15, 2023 (SD) – Today, the outgoing Somaliland government announced that they have asked the traditional leaders to hold talks with their counterparts in Laascaanood to find a solution to the conflict that has been brewing in the city.

Following a meeting between President Bihi and Somaliland traditional leaders, it was decided that the traditional leaders from Somaliland would visit Sool region and discuss the ongoing conflict with the SSC traditional leaders according to Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Saylici.

The Vice President further stated that the elders will visit Sool with the intention of finding a solution to the conflict and that they have requested the elders of Sool to accept and welcome their delegation, and to address any issues that arise during the talks.

The Somaliland government has recently pledged to restore peace to Laascaanood, saying that they are committed to finding a peaceful solution to the conflict. The President has called on political parties, civil society, and cultural and religious groups to support their efforts to end the conflict and bring peace to the region.

The SSC traditional leaders previously said that they are willing to participate in talks to resolve the conflict, but have demanded that the Somaliland military leave their regions first.

Today, the situation in the city of Las Anod remains tense following days of intense fighting that caused significant damage, loss of life, injuries, and displacement. Some of the city’s medical facilities have reported a critical shortage of supplies and resources to handle the influx of injured civilians if the fighting intensifies. Over 100 people have been reported killed, many more were injured in the second week of the conflict in Las Anod, while thousands more have been displaced.

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