The Enemy of Somalia is Somalia

On Tuesday 30 August the cooperation with the central government in Mogadishu and Somalia’s federal member states had a strong sources of frictions in which Aid Allocation of resources was the primary cause.  

And that has led the federal member states suspensions to cooperate with the central government, followed with a joint statement issued by federal member states finance ministers who accused the minister of finance of Somalia Federal Government violating previously reached agreements. 

The political complications that President Hassan Sheikh is facing doesn’t stop here during his three months in office. Soon after his recent statement on a government plan to end and eradicated Al-shabaab group presences in Somalia, Hayat hotel attack was a direct loud response message to President Hassan Sheikh from Al-shabaab.  

The fissures with in Somalia Security and the disagreements between regional states and Mogadishu pave the way to Al-shabaab group to seize more territory, even getting arms, ammunition’s and many of it’s fighters were given a free passage and access into The city of Mogadishu in which they established many safe houses looking like ordinary civilians equipped with a ticking bomb. 

All this was due to former President Farmajo who stayed two years in office 

Beyond his term and delayed elections that has created a furious reactions in the opposition camp led by two former presidents who perceived it as a power grab. And that has affected some of the Somali National Army units to defect and support Hawiye dominated opposition taking control of a large part of the city of Mogadishu.  

And as civilians feared the worst fled. 

By being Aid dependent Somalia and it’s leaders became profit oriented by always creating and orchestrating inhumane conditions to the poor populations that are striving for security, peace and free accesses of movements in all regions that aren’t safe, and are forced to live with an unfortunate volatile  circumstances in which the enemy of Somalia is Somalia. 


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