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Somaliland calls out China on military equipment donations to Somalia

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland Government addresses military equipment and vehicles the government of China donated to the Somali Federal government.

Somaliland’s director of the presidential administration Mohamed Ali Bile stated that the Chinese Military donation to Somalia is a provocation with the intent to disrupt Somaliland’s relations with Taiwan and the United States.

He also stated that the Chinese Donation to the Somali government a response to President Muse Bihi’s visit to the United States.

“The donation of the Chinese Military equipment to the Somali army during the Somaliland president’s visit to the United States is not a coincidence, but a provocation to disrupt Somaliland’s relations with Taiwan and the US.

The statement from the Somaliland administration comes at a time when China is outraged Somaliland’s relationship with the Taiwan administration.

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