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Somaliland Coast Guard Seizes Djibouti Ship

Zeila (SD) – The Somaliland Coast Guard has seized a Djiboutian fishing vessel, which it says was fishing illegally in Somaliland waters.

The ship was initially discovered and warned by the Coast Guard when it violated Somaliland waters, using radar equipment that is often used by the guard against foreign boats.

“The second base of the coast guard and the naval defense based in Zeila, seized a ship last night again, the second time within this month. The ship is accustomed to entering Somaliland waters illegally.” said the coast guard.

The coast guard in their statement went on to describe what the next steps are ”The ship and its crew are now in custody and strict action will be taken, ”said a statement from the Somaliland Coast Guard.”

Djibouti government and the owners of the vessel are yet to address the incident.

Somaliland navy is credited in successfully securing the unrecognised county’s long coastline.

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