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Somaliland: Covid-19 Prevention Committee Warns Society of Third wave

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Covid-19 Management and Prevention Committee today urged the public to be vigilant against the third wave of Coronavirus infection spreading in the country rapidly.

They urged the public to follow the recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus infection, and to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail (Saylici), Chairman of the National Coronavirus Control Committee, speaking on behalf of the committee urged the people of Somaliland to beware of the new wave of Covid-19, and explains why they are speaking to the public.

“You have not seen the commission for a long time because of the dramatic decline in the spread of the virus in the last two months and more, but we are here today, because of the third wave of coronavirus infection on the rise around the world, reaching our country.” Said Saylici.

Somaliland’s vice president also said the number of cases of coronavirus infections and deaths had risen sharply in the past ten days, according to health ministry data.

On the other hand, the vice president pointed out that there is nothing wrong with the coronavirus vaccine that it doesn’t cause any harm to the vaccinated.

“With every virus, experts and doctors around the world work hard to find a vaccine. We therefore strongly encourage the people of Somaliland to get vaccinated ”.

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