Fahad Yasin’s destabilizing techniques exposed

Fahad Yassin is, and has been, the de facto leader in Somalia. He brings the (external) financial resources used to bribe N&N’s opposition, and has worked hand in hand with AS in the past. How ironic, that AS has finally disowned him as a “flawed character who is below their standard”.

Their press release, in English no less, was dripping with disdain for his actions – you simply can’t make this stuff up even if you tried!
It is pointless to keep saying Farmajo or Roble are in charge.

Fahad is the soft power behind this throne. He has been underestimated for far too long and has operated with absolute impunity at all times. His latest’s actions, namely, the kidnapping and killing of one of his operatives and its subsequent handling, serves as a reminder of his sense of invincibility and how much he considers himself to be untouchable.

This brazen behavior has finally exposed the ultimate “Power Broker’s” vulnerabilities. Imagine not taking a few minutes to cover your tracks and those of your thuggish operatives!

Fahad’s destabilizing and malign influence as the head of NISA empowered him to either bribe, blackmail or eliminate his adversaries. Well, no more! If there is to be any hope for Somalia, he must be removed from any official role in government and civil society.

Peace + Light

By Khadra Dualeh

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