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Somaliland defends Addis Ababa Agreement

HARGEYSA (SD) -Somaliland has responded to statements and calls from international organizations and several countries regarding the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia, stating that these statements do not undermine the agreement.

Somaliland’s Minister of Information, Ali Mohamed Hassan, in an interview with VOA, claimed that the statements issued by the international community are not against the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

He underlined that the agreement is not the first one between Somaliland and Ethiopia, citing agreements involving the development of the Port of Berbera.

This latest agreement, which entails the leasing of 20 kilometers of the Red Sea coastline to Ethiopia, has sparked controversy and criticism from the Somali government.

Opposing demonstrations took place in the last two days in Hargeisa and Mogadishu, which were organized by the government of Somalia and the government of Somaliland.

Regional and international bodies, including the European Union, the AU and the Arab League, and some international countries have expressed concern and criticism of the Somaliland-Ethiopia agreement, considering it a potential threat to the unity and territorial integrity of Somalia.

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