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Somaliland deploys more troops in Tukaraq area, increasing fears of renewed fighting

Tukaraq (SD) – Reports from Tukaraq village in Sool region say that a large number of Somaliland military forces have reached there in thee last few days.

The troops arrived at the frontline region of Tukaraq, armed with heavy weaponry and armored vehicles, bolstering the Somaliland military stationed there.

The arrival of the troops in Tukaraq coincides with the arrival of the Commander of the Somaliland National Army, Brigadier General Abdirizak Said Bulale, in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by other military officials.

Brigadier General Abdirizak urged the troops in the frontline of Tukaraq to scarifies their lives for their country and intensify their fight against the enemies of Somaliland.

On the other hand, there is also a reported military activity in the area by the forces of the Puntland administration, as a result, it is possible that there will once again be clashes between the Somaliland Armed Forces and those of the Puntland administration.

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