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Somaliland embroiled in Hajj dispute with Somalia

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Seylici has called on the people of Somaliland not to Hajj this year, after analyzing the obstacles in fulfilling the obligations of Hajj especially the quota allocated for Somaliland.

Saylici called on Somalia officials to respond within three days to the quota issues surrounding this year’s Hajj.

Vice President Saylici said the allocation of 350 pilgrims is not enough for the people of Somaliland and is in no way acceptable.

The VP sent an important message to all airline representatives in Somaliland, warning them against taking action against the government’s position on the Hajj quota.

Somaliland has informed the Saudi government that Somalia is politicizing the hajj, one of the Pillars of Islam.

Saudi Arabia has reduced the number of pilgrims from around the world this year, bringing the total number of pilgrims to Somalia, including Somaliland, from 10,000 to about 5,000.

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