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Somaliland: Ethiopia has no stake in the port of Berbera

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland says it has not implemented the 19% Berbera Port agreement with Ethiopia.

Dr Saad Ali Shire, the Minister of Finance, told Horyaal TV that Somaliland and DP World have a 35% and 65% stake in the Berbera Port.

In 2017, the Ethiopian government signed an agreement with Somaliland and DP World to acquire a 19% stake in Berbera.

The minister did not say why the agreement was not implemented.

The Ethiopian government has recently been interested in taking over the port of Zeila and has reportedly spoken to President Bihi about it recently.

The Somaliland government has denied that the Ethiopian government has spoken to President Bihi about the port of Zeila.

The landlocked Ethiopian government is currently building a large navy.

The Ethiopian government has not yet commented on its role in the Berbera port agreement between Somaliland and DP World

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