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Somaliland executes six convicted murderers

Mandera (SD) – Somaliland authorities have today carried out the execution of six men convicted of murder in different regions of the country.

Relatives of some of the men on death raw have complained in the past that they have been convicted illegally.

The executions were signed by President Muse Bihi Abdi, leading to their executed today in a public square in the outskirts of Mandera County in the Sahil region.

The six people shot today were all men:

1-Yasin Mohamed Yusuf.
2-Sharma’arke Sahal Oogle.
3-Qulle Mohamed Elmi.
4-Khalid Abdi Haydar.
5-Khadar Mohamed Warsame
6-Abdikarin Mohamed Mahdi.

In attendance were Somaliland officials, relatives of those executed and some victims families.

It was January of this year when six other convicts were executed in a similar manner in Somaliland.

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