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Somaliland: House of Representatives Lawyer rejects a Supreme Court ruling

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland House of Representatives’ Attorney Mustafe Haji Dahir said that the Supreme Court’s recent decision to suspend the parts of the Judicial System Act is unconstitutional.

Mustafe Haji Dahir told the BBC that the Supreme Court has no authority in overturning the current Act.

“The two houses of parliament have issued a response to a decision by the Supreme Constitutional Court to repeal the Judicial System Act which is inconsistent with the Constitution and the laws of the land. The Court has no jurisdiction to overturn an effective law that does not conflict with the Constitution, There is no legal basis for the Supreme Court to suspend the Judicial System Act and it cannot adjudicate a case involving the Supreme Court itself. According to Article 37 of the Constitution, the state is made up of three branches, each with its own powers,  no branch is above the others and the Supreme Court’s decision contradicts Articles 97 98 of the Constitution which clarifies the powers of the Supreme Court “. said the house of representatives lawyer.

Somaliland’s Supreme Court has overturned a recent amendment to the country’s judicial system law, which has been challenged by the heads of the Courts of Appeal.

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