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Somaliland House of Representatives votes on new electoral commission

HARGEISA (SD) – The Somaliland House of Representatives have today confirmed 4 of the 7 members recently selected to serve on the Somaliland Electoral Commission.

The new electoral commission was appointed soon after the recent dissolution of the previous Somaliland Electoral Commission, due to disagreements among its members.

The four members approved by the House are Faduma Ismail Abdi nominated by the House of Elders, Abdiaziz Hirsi Warsame from the Waddani party, Hussein Abdi Ali nominated by the President, and Ibrahim Adan Ali nominated by the UCID party.

The three members rejected by the House are Muse Hassan Yusuf nominated by the president of Somaliland, Ahmed Osman Hassan nominated by the president, and Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed nominated by the senate.

The new commission’s approval comes at a time when the country is embroiled in controversy over electoral disputes over the president’s term extension and disbanding of the national parties.

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