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Somaliland intelligence attacks journalists as Pres Bihi touts Democratic gains in the US

HARGEISA (SD) – Two prominent Hargeisa-based journalists reported that they were attacked by armed intelligence agents, who then tortured and threatened them.

Abdisalan Ahmed Awad (Abdisalam Germany) and Ali Mahdi Jibril said the attack took place as they were leaving a farewell party for coach Jama Karacin, and then met at a hotel where they were having dinner with their acquaintances.

Ali Mahdi Jibril said he had over heard Abdisalam Germany’s conversation with intelligence officials saying to him “stop criticizing the president”, then followed us after dinner.

Journalist Ali Mahdi said officers were after Abdisalam Germany, who was severely beaten and that he was unable to stop them.

Journalist Ali Mahdi said he had over heard the intelligence officers saying “our operation did not include killings” but fired bullets at them as they fled.

This is not the first time that Abdisalam Germany has been attacked by the country’s intelligence service, accusing him of criticizing Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi.

The latest attack on the Journalist comes as President Bihi is in Washington touting Somaliland stability and democratic gains.

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