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Somaliland launches campaign to deport illegal Ethiopian refugees

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Immigration Forces, in collaboration with the Somaliland Police Force, have launched an operation in Hargeisa, were they are picking up illegal Ethiopian immigrants, according to the Horn of Africa Newspaper.

The detainees will be reportedly repatriated to Ethiopia, most of them are from the Oromo ethnic group, which is the largest immigrant group in Somaliland at the moment.

The Horn of Africa newspaper was told that the joint operation brought together about 300 people from Ethiopia, most of them have lived in Somaliland for a long time ban handling.

Last week, the Somaliland Refugee and IDP Agency repatriated an estimated 30 Ethiopian refugees to Ethiopia, the agency’s second repatriation to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian illegal immigrants are said to be putting a heavy economic burden on Somaliland.

As an unrecognized country, Somaliland does not have the financial means or the international aid needed to assist refugees in its territory.

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