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Somaliland Lawmakers: the opposition can hold prodemocracy rallies

HARGEISA (SD) -Members of the Somaliland House of Representatives who held a presser in Hargeisa today said that the opposition parties could hold a peaceful and a lawful protest.

The lawmakers, who numbered about 30 MPs from the opposition parties of Wadani and UCID, said that they are dismayed that individuals who have sworn to uphold the law are opposing a prodemocracy rally.

The MPs called on the people not to be afraid, saying that they will hold a peaceful protest in opposition to President Muse Bihi’s desire to extend his term and subvert the young democracy.

They added that as parliamentarians, they’ve sworn an oath to the constitution, and they would not allow anyone to disturb Somaliland’s stability, but are only doing what is legal.

The statement from the MPs comes at a time when the security situation in Somaliland is at its lowest point and as the opposition is going to hold rallies across the country.

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