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Somaliland: Locals drilling for water discover crude oil

Hargeisa September 29, 2022 (SD) – The Somaliland Government has today said that traces of what appears to be crude oil have been found in the Baha-Dhamal area of Salahley district.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals of Somaliland, held a press conference at the Ministry’s headquarters, said that the oil was discovered at a spot where locals were drilling a water well.

“Signs showing that there is oil are reaching us from the village called Baha-Dhamal, which is 8 km east of Salahley,” said the minister.

He added that there was a field where a water well was being drilled by the Ministry.

Foreign companies are conducting oil exploration in areas thought to have oil deposits in Somaliland, but this latest discovery is confirmed, it will be historic, not to mention a source of much needed funds for the unrecognised enclave.

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