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Somaliland looking to Expat Voters to help with Recognition

Hargeisa (SD) – The new Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Somaliland Dr. Issa Kayd Mohamed, speaking with expats in Hargeisa, proposed a new way of securing recognition for the country.

The Minister said that Somaliland diplomatic offices will no longer just be active during the May-18 celebrations but will have drawn out plans in telling the world about Somaliland’s achievements, adding he will also meet with foreign government officials while visiting foreign country’s. Instead of just meeting Somaliland diaspora communities.

Somaliland’s foreign minister addressing some of the Somaliland expats currently in the country, said he will reach out to French speaking country’s, which will help Somaliland make new inroads.

“My working philosophy is not to have active ambassadors on May-18 calibrations, I would like every Somalilander expat to work with us, not just our representatives in our foreign offices” said Mr. Kayd

Adding “Our foreign offices will not be open to just few people, we will make them so Somalilander who can vote is welcomed and can campaign and promote our country to their representatives.”

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