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Somaliland: Low Magnitude Quake Hits Borama

Borama (SD) – News from Borama indicates that around 6:30 AM today a minor earthquake was felt in the capital city of Awdal, Somaliland.

The low magnitude earthquake was estimated to have lasted approximately 5 to 8 seconds and it is reported the it occurs about once every two to three years, causing the city’s population to become desensitised to it.

In Borama and throughout the region, residents of the city will tell you that when these earthquake occur, the region usually experiences a torrential downpours lasting for days immediately after.

The city is surrounded by huge mountains and so far no extensive research has been done to see if there is a connection between the mountains and the quakes.

Local authorities have not addressed this morning’s quake and there hasn’t been any reported damages it may have caused.

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